Poker How Much Money Do You Have to Invest?

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Poker How Much Money Do You Have to Invest?

This is a very important question with two answers.

When you play poker for fun, you have to invest as much money as you lose “fun.” If you don’t have a problem losing 100 dollars, you should see if you can’t invest 100 dollars to increase 100 dollars. While it’s recommended for players to play for fun, it’s difficult to stop some players to play with the intention of making money.

Which brings us to our second answer. If you play poker to make money, you have to bet more than 200 times as much as the limit of a bank alley. So if you play $2/4 you should have at least $800 in his poker account. The 200 times the size of big bet in the poker account is designed to ensure that it does not go bankrupt at the worst time.

Some people think that 200 times as big a bet is not enough for shorthand games. Because the fluctuations in the games are greater. However, I don’t think there’s any need to exaggerate the potential losses. If proven successful at one limit, you’ll have to invest 200 big bets.

When playing poker, you must write a poker diary for your poker session. This allows you to know very quickly whether you are a loser, a winner, or whether you are lucky or bad right now. It also helps most people not forget to do it naturally. No one wants to remember bad times, but in poker, they can help you become a better player. If you don’t like keeping a physical diary on hand, there are several apps that’ll help you do it. “Check Your Bets” is one of the many free poker tools that makes it easy to document and evaluate poker sessions.